Product Model: OKY5002

Children’S Science Kits Bluetooth Ultrasonic For 1602 LCD Atmega-328P Smart Car Robot Starter Kit

Product Description

开微信扫雷群怎么拉人children’s science kits bluetooth ultrasonic for 1602 lcd atmega-328p smart car robot starter kit

开微信扫雷群怎么拉人1.this smart car kit is a microcontroller learning and application syestem. it takes atmega-328p as its core to realize line-tracking, obstacle-avoidance and remote control functions. this kit contains lots of fun programs and can be expanded with external circuit module to enhance the car’s capability.

2.this kit aims to let users learn microcontroller system while having fun! we’ll provide guidance and installation instructions on demand.

开微信扫雷群怎么拉人3.reduction ratio of the gear motor: 1:48; driving voltage: 6v.

4.control motor adopts l298n drive module to realize seperation from microcontroller.

开微信扫雷群怎么拉人5.three groups of line-tracking module for detecting black and white lines, which is of higher precision and also can be used for anti-drop control.

开微信扫雷群怎么拉人6.the car’s remote control system is comprised of infrared remote control communication module.

7.bluetooth wireless communication module to realize wireless remote control at a close distance.

8.the car is 23cm in length and 12cm in width. it can be connected to 7v~12v voltage and carries multiple sensor modules to realize various functions you want.

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